European Commission DG DEVCO B5 

&  Joint Research Center (JRC)  

Project Management 

  • Administrative, legal and financial aspects

  • Monitoring and evaluation

Technical coordination & monitoring

  • Meetings organized every 4 months alternately in Rabat or Paris

  • Participants:

    • Regional secretariat representatives

    • Implementing body representatives (Expertise France Project managers, Team leader)

CWP1: Complementary Work Package 1

Sophie KOWAL (KE2)

Technical assistance allowing the legal framework to evolve over time

Management & Coordination

(Project Managers Expertise France )

  • Aurélie NOEL

    • Project Manager

    • Coordination & liaison with countries & EUDEL

  • Nicolas BARRIOS

    • Project Manager

    • Management, administrative & financial 

  • Assistants 

Team Leader

  • Alain COURSAGET (KE1 - TL)

Steering Committe

  • Coordination of activities

  • Coherence between work packages

  • Capitalize on existing works


  • European Commission, representatives from partner countries, management team and representatives from the consortium

Management Team

  • Sophie KOWAL (KE2)

  • Benoît HAZEBROUCK (KE3)

  • Dominique BONJOUR (KE4)

  • Alexandre CUSTAUD (KM) 

  • Bernard FRANOZ (STE)

  • Olivier SALVI (STE)

  • Aurélie NOEL (EF)

  • Nicolas BARRIOS (EF)

CWP2: Complementary Work Package 2



Strengthen the regional team, both numerically and in terms of competence

CWP3: Complementary Work Package 3

Dominique BONJOUR (KE4)


Technically support the actions of the Regional Team (RT) in each country


Agence Française d'Expertise Technique Internationale

73, Rue de Vaugirard

75006 Paris, FRANCE. 


Parc Technologique Alata

60550 Verneuil-en-Halatte