High risk chemical facilities and risk mitigation in the African Atlantic Façade. 

African Atlantic Façade region:  

  • Benin

  • Cameroon

  • Gabon

  • Ivoiry Coast

  • Liberia

  • Mauritania

  • Morocco

  • Senegal

  • Sierra Leone

  • Togo

Support a safe and sustainable economic development of the Atlantic coast of Africa

Develop Capacities and improve Chemical Risk Management in the West African Region in order to:

  • Prevent the occurrence of major risks (accidents and/or pollution) in and outside the installations containing chemicals.

  • Respond quickly and appropriately in the event of a chemical incident, to limit the impact on human health and the environment, and resume normal activity (to preserve economic activity and employment)

  • Creation of a regional multidisciplinary team (RT) composed of 31 French speaking experts

  • Dissemination of the following capabilities and knowledge: Recognize hazardous chemicals, Classify an installation, Conduct and verify Safety Reports, accident and pollution risk mitigation measures, Emergency Plans, Recovery Plans (done at national level for Liberia)

  • Educational modules based on good practices have been developed (in French and in English) to facilitate the sustainability and allow the transfer of knowledge to other stakeholders

  • Practical implementation of these good practices and legal framework recommendations has been conducted: Classifications of a few sites, Country Position Reports (Country profiles), Sensitization to interagency and state-industry dialogue, Regional TTX

  • To accompany P41 Partner Countries (Benin, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Liberia, Morocco, Senegal and Togo)  towards autonomy in the field of prevention, preparedness and response to industrial risks

  • To consolidate and put into practice the basis acquired during the implementation of P41

  • To allow two new countries (Mauritania & Sierra Leone) to join previous P41 Partner Countries

  • CWP1 : Provide technical assistance to facilitate the evolution of the legal framework

  • CWP2 : Strengthen the regional team (RT), both numerically and in terms of skills

  • CWP3 : Support technically the actions conducted by the Regional Team (RT) in each country

  • Two years (2019 – 2020) of implementation, 150 activities

  • Update of the legal framework (new legal texts)

  • Enumeration of high risk establishments (upper-tier & lower-tier)

  • Main stakeholders in industrial disaster risk reduction will be trained through a training, information or technical support

  • Implementation of risk mitigation starting with the upper tier facilities (through safety reports, emergency plans, SMS, land use planning, dialogue at local level, inspections, exercises)


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